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Shilpa Shetti

Shilpa Shetti born on 8 June 1975) is an Indian film actress and model. Since making her debut film Baazigar (1993), she appeared in nearly 40 Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films, her first leading role was in 1994 AAG. Although during the years of decline during her career, Shetti was ready to find myself quite often. Her performances in dhadkan (2000) and Rishtei (2002) were assessed, and its portrait of AIDS patients in Phir Milenge's (2004) won numerous awards. Her sister Shamita Shetti young actress is a Bollywood film.

Shetti has been involved in various controversies including suspected mafia links. In 2006 he issued an order to the charges of disgraceful. After participating in the British Celebriti Big Brother TV show in 2007, Shetti crowned the winner with 63% of the vote, on an international racism controversy about her and fellow contestants Jade Goode, O'Meara and Danielle Lloyd was followed by restoration of its status in the film industry in 2007 when he appeared in two successive movies, Life in a. .. Metro and apnea, with operations in the former drawing positive reviews.

Shilpa Shetti was born in the family of strong traditional close to Mangalore, which is derived from the Bunt community.

She is the daughter of Surendra and Sunanda largest Shetti, manufacturer tamper-proof caps for the pharmaceutical industry [6], and her native language Tulu although few speak other languages at various levels, including English, Kannada, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Urdu, French essential.

In Mumbai, attended St. Anthony Girls High School in Chembur, and later attended college in Matunga Give. Bharatanatiam trained dancer, she is in sports, was captain of the school volleyball team, earned a black belt in karate and currently dancesport expert and enthusiast.

younger sister Shamita Shetti Shetti a Bollywood actress. They worked together once the film Fareb (2005).

At 5 ft 10 inches (178 cm), Shilpa Shetti is among the top actress in Bolliuood. It is announced 29th March, 2009 Shilpa to buy a house in St. George Hill in Surrei in England with his wife against Raj.

Miss Shetti in Pop-music

Shetti began his career as the model for Limca in 1991 to 16 years, and made her film debut in 1993 with Baazigar, a portrait of a woman murdered by her psychopathic boyfriend. Shetti Seema got support role, along with co-starring Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, the film was a great success and earned her a nomination for Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Her first film role of AAG in 1994, who received an average of the collection. She had hit the same year the film Main Khiladi Tu Anari opposite Akshai Kumar. This was followed by several films which were average to poor performers at the box office. Shetti starred another big film that year, Aao Piaar Karen, and then in 1995 by Hathkadi, where he worked with actors such as Saif Ali Khan, Govind and Madhoo, but failed at the box office. 1997 is one of the best years in charge: she appeared in six films, starting with the Telugu language film Veedeva Dani Babu. Her first major Bollywood film of the year is Auzaar action thriller. Shilpa Thakur Prathna character shows with actors Salman Khan and Kapoor dream. In 1998, she had success, Janam Baba, which has received excellent reviews and won Bolliuood Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress. In 2000, Shetti received many awards for his role in dhadkan, which won the taking of reasonable Indian ship. She has received several nominations in the category of best actress in a variety of award ceremonies. He later would go on to star with Anil Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor in the film Rishtei (2002). her work as a comedian Weird fishervoman is appreciated and she received a Filmfare nomination as Best Supporting Actress Award category, and various suggestions on how best comedian.

2004 is also a good year for issuing Shetti Garvey in which the player is shown a Muslim orphan and disappointed that Salman Khan plays the opposite. According Shetti, she chose the film because he liked the subject. The film is a cop drama. However, it has received much recognition for his work in Phir Milenge, which is a significant occurrence of a successful city high-flyer who have HIV through unprotected sex contract and become a social outcast, as a result. The film, based in Philadelphia in 1993, he was deemed to have handled the social taboo still unresolved Bollivood.The Shetti film won Filmfare Best Actress nomination, and provided an incentive for their work on HIV-charitable purposes (see below). Film critic Taran Adarsh from indiaFM stated, "Phir Milenge Shilpa Shetti meet fully the returns, it can be called with the real work of his career Viewer. Empathizes feel and the character mainly because of the look. Effect. Spread the pain of emotional turmoil with his expressive eyes, which is among the most memorable performances was seen so far has been marked a break from the previous trend of superficial stuff, songs in. dancing in favor of roles that have greater depth of character, exemplified by her film Dus (2005), action thriller Although the average return received in cash. Shetti said that he took part in order to find out through the character of an unusual presentation of anti-terrorist team member. Also starred with her sister in the film Fareb Shilpa in 2005. is an issue in 2006, pushed many Hollywood Iaar Shaadi Kark phase film was a side office flop. but got good reviews for her role as wife, not entirely likable in 2006th, it is a judge Jhalak Dikhlaja, Sony Music dance show based on the original UK show Strictly Come Dancing.

Shetti was once featured in Mani Ratnam stage show is, Netru, Indru, Naalai.

2007 is shown as the most successful years in the coffin Shetti so far. their first release, "Life in A. .. Metro, won the important expectations, and became the first Bollywood film premiere at Leicester Square film well at the box office, and was named a semi-hit within three weeks. In addition, the movie. critical is recognized and Shetti performance assessed with Rajeev Masand CNN-IBN writing, "This is an incredible show and definitely the best so far Shilpa. Her second album, along with three Deols, Dharmendra, sunny, Bobby, apnea plays, the success of hi Office.

Celebriti Big Brother 2007

Shetti a participant and winner of the famous Big Brother UK. and was the first Indian celebrity included in the version. Reportedly paid Rs.31.5 m (£ 367,500 €) for its part, said the presenter Davina McCall, "I just want every Indian to be extremely proud to be here." As for participation, she said: "I have zero expectations only thing I really hope to keep himself, has my respect and dignity .." Her sister Shamita told the Times of India that this is the boldest decision of Shilpa has taken so far. "

During his time, instructions Shetti fellow Housemates Carole Malone and Ken Russell in meditation, and flirted with Dirk Benedict but tempers started to fray at day 7 as a clique formed in the house complain Shilpa's presence. After the controversy in the world that it is required as the target of racist bullying in the home (see below), Shetti won the contest after gaining 63% of public vote and described the experience as "incredible and overwhelming. She thanked the public for" a fantastic opportunity to be proud of my country.

In February 2007, Shetti attended the reception at the House of Commons at the invitation of Keith Vaz MP to meet with then-Prime Minister Tony Blair.n: Big Brother star meets Tony Blair She also invited to meet with Queen Elizabeth II at Marlborough House in London March 2007. During the interview this morning, Shetti confirmed that it was requested to act in the British soap opera EastEnders, and turned it, as it means all of its other agreements will have to go on hold.

It was the subject of a documentary called The Real Shilpa Shetti Sky One, which was produced by British television production company Tvofour. A large number of commercial offers that Shilpa received after winning Celebriti Big Brother themselves became reason for controversy with a number of accusations about her riding 'racism' wave to commercial gain. [33] is on the front page of the first issue of OK! Magazine will be sold in India.

In early September 2007 is modeled Shqipe Wills India Fashion Veek-in, which also shows some famous Bollywood actresses including Lara Dutta and Celina Jaitlei. In October 2007, Shilpa will be seen in a musical titled Miss Bollywood. In its future program is a chef called Soul Curry and the role of Sita in Uru Patel international venture Hanuman.

In August 2008, he started Shetti host the second season of Bigg Boss, the Indian version of Big Brother. Controversial, Jade Goode was one of the original Housemates. Bigg Boss Candy left home early in the series, after receiving the news is that cervical cancer, of whom later died on 22 March 2009.

In February 2009 her husband against Shilpa and Raj became a part owner of the Indian Premier League cricket franchise Rajasthan Rais team to pay about U.S. $ 15.4 million for 11.7% of shares.

As well as modeling and acting, Shetti itself associated with several other commercial organizations and non-profit organization.

In February 2006 Shetti lent support to the BBC Eat World Service Trust television show designed to solve the problem of HIV / AIDS in India. The project, which also involved other celebrities Vivek Oberoi, Dia Mirza and Raveena Tandon in separate episodes, featured as a shadow Shetti achiever whose work involved raising awareness of the new state. According to reports, she was involved in order to show solidarity with HIV / AIDS sufferers.

This issue is particularly close Shetti heart as she has shown a positive HIV sufferer in her 2004 movie Phir Milenge. Speaking about the movie and HIV in general, Shetti said: "Why not film on HIV positive patients? It is a social stigma in our society have made this film to highlight this problem ... this film. Will bring social awareness AIDS in the country's high time we talked about in our society ..

In March 2006, various sources reported Shetti joins fifth as part of the advertising campaign against the use of animals in circuses. According to the fifth India press release, Shetti is a longtime supporter and helped the fifth campaign for the files sent in a picture-hugging tiger costume. She explained that her crouching in a cage was uncomfortable during the photoshoot, but that the discomfort was insignificant compared to the pain suffered animals. "These animals deserve to come only once to leave their cages, which are barely larger than the size of their bodies for a few minutes each day be forced to carry the network tricks that made sense and they need the best way to help animals suffering in circuses.'s to boycott the circus. "

Shetti said in an interview later that she feels strongly about this cause and that she was appalled to hear of the cruel treatment endured such animals. "I thought I should stop if you can make a small difference in their lives, why not go for it."

Shetti is a frequent subject of speculation regarding romance. It is earlier than Akshai Kumar, but the couple broke down in 2000, after he started dating Shetti friend and fellow actress Tvinkle Khanna after the previous indiscretion, which led to the successful Stardust Shetti is accused of issuing Magazine "damage report" on the issue.

In an interview with Times of India, Shetti quashed rumors of a romance with director Anubhav Sinha and claimed to have changed his mobile phone number in order to concentrate on her busy schedule. But in a later interview with the Sunday Mirror, Shetti friend said she was "in love" with Sinha and that soulmate "her", but can not be with her for fear of parental disapproval, social stigma (Sinha is married and has two children, but now separated) and the negative public perception. She married for the fight against Raj on November 22, 2009 reported on its website that "I am now officially anti-Shilpa Shetti!"

In May 2003, controversy erupted over alleged links between parents and Shetti the Indian underworld. Surat police issued arrest warrants against her parents on charges of extortion. Police Commissioner of Surat, DK Gupta told the media that the owners of Praful Sarees lodged complaints with them after they claim is threatening phone calls from underworld figures based in Mumbai, demanding money on behalf of Shettis. Dispute between the parties with respect to the task, where Shilpa was adopted in 1998, modeling Praful Sarees and is only paid RS. 50 easy (U.S. $ 111,500) from the Republic of Serbian contractual relations. 3 crore (U.S. $ 669,000). Agarwal said that the full amount made before, but it is not known how much they were paid to Shilpa. Surendra Shetti refused by the court, provided that the condition, although it is approved Sunanda Mumbai, as it is abroad, when the order was issued. The police further claimed to have records of phone calls between parents and Pankaj Agarwal Shilpa, the owner of Praful Sarees. The parents denied this and claimed that the tape "manipulated." Sunanda Shetti conference held on 5th June in which he denied that the family had underworld connections and said that the whole fracas was "losing ground color picture of my daughter." It is even said she was "absolutely innocent" and that the accusations falsely implicated in the Agarwal after he failed to fully reimburse Shilpa for her work. 13th June it was reported that following the investigation by the police, Surendra has accepted the deployment of contact with associates in Fazli-ur-Rehman, leader of the gang Mumbai. Contradictory story surfaced that, although the driver Shettis, Dilip Pashekar, admitted to introducing Surendra Rehman associates, Surendra continued to deny that the forged all. One senior police official confirmed that Surendra is "strongly denied" his links even though the question and Pashekar shoulder to shoulder. Shetti lawyer later clarified that the report acknowledges that mafia links were false.

discussion has shown that, despite the disclaimers Shetti, print-outs of mobile phone records proved that contact between Shetti and gang had taken place. 20th June Surendra Shetti was formally arrested after surrendering to police, and later spoke to journalists that the entire issue was designed to malign him and his family. Asked about the involvement of the underworld, Shetti said: "I do not know, I met with them only when called and said they were agents of Agarwal." Further court hearings cast doubt on the accuracy of the evidence tapes, Shetti defense argued that it was Agarwal who recorded phone calls, not the police, as well as the possibility of dubbing or manipulation can not be excluded. Shilpa was quizzed by police after returning to India from overseas duty shooting and denied all knowledge of any connection between parents and underworld figures, claiming that she did not know anything about the case until it became public through the media. They further said that her mother had a power of attorney over her financial affairs and disclaimed any knowledge of the payment issue Praful Sarees. Sunanda's bail hearing was postponed three times due to health reasons.

The turning point occurred when the driver Shettis, Dilip Pashekhar, was arrested. 5 November it was reported that Surendra and Sunanda Shetti, between three people, was chargesheeted, paving the way for an early trial in local court. The trial is still pending. In August 2006 Sunanda said Shilpa had no involvement in the case and arrest Fazli ur-Rehman-months will have a negative impact on her career. Shilpa has threatened to claim damages after an unnamed tabloid allegedly printed incorrect information about the local situation. In an interview for Filmfare, she said she was very "cut up" and "destroyed" by the way the case was turned into a trial by the media and that they acted "unethicalli." She said that this is the worst controversy has ever been through, and expressed its appreciation for the film to several people standing by her, including Rajkumar Santosh and Anil Kapoor.

In April 2006, the Madurai court issued non-bailable warrants against Shetti and Reema Sen for "featured in a shameful manner" in photographs published a Tamil newspaper. The study showed that the two actresses are not in line with earlier calls for the same reason, that he issue an order. The applicant submitted that the paper published "very sexy blow-ups and medium-sized blow-up in December 2005 and January 2006 issues, and claimed that these shameful violation of the representation of women (Prohibition) Act 1986, young people (harmful Publications) Act of 1956 and the Indian Penal Code Section 292 (sale of obscene books). The researchers further requested that pictures be taken away in accordance with the terms of the Press and Registration of Books Act 1867th

Shetti said that he received no summons, and discount charges. They further claimed that the pictures were freeze frame shots from a recent movie that only exposed her navel. "As far as my pictures go, they are uncomfortable about it If navel-showing is obscenity, then our traditional Indian equipment - traditional acres - should be banned in the first place."

In January 2007, outgoing president of the Supreme Court confirmed that IQ Sabharval Shetti wrote that his request to plead guidelines against frivolous lawsuits against artists, but he refused her request on the grounds that it should be an official request to write a letter.

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